Keep your heirloom quality furniture looking great for years to come.

The best products available have been used to insure a finish that will protect the wood craftsmanship of every piece. The finish we use is a post-catalyzed varnish, or conversion varnish. Baby it at your house for the first 30 days — giving the finish time to cure.

Use placemats under rough plates, trivets to protect from the heat of serving dishes, and a tablecloth when we are serving large groups. Wipe off any condensation under beverage glasses. And be mindful that any piece used as a work surface could be permanently etched if someone is pressing too hard with a pen or pencil, and pad these surfaces accordingly. Try not to leave something sitting on your solid-wood furniture for a long time if that piece gets a lot of sun. Some woods, like cherry, tend to change color over time when exposed to light.

Just like us, solid wood furniture is always breathing. Very high levels of humidity can lead to warping and swelling, while very dry air may cause shrinking or cracking. If we are not comfortable with the humidity level, neither are your furniture pieces. We maintain the level of humidity in our homes at around 35 percent.

Things get spilled on furniture. It happens. We just wipe it off as soon as you are aware of it. The finish does the work. Only prolonged exposure to moisture will damage the furniture.